Google able to opens the border of your money

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Accelerant for #quadrillions dollars business, Google just have to protocolate (with USAdmnistration) and launch the Economy 4G3W, a new financial Era.

It means to give folks the opportunity of a new economic practice. Because the money datevaluation is an investment's substitute, giving webcashmatic results out of risk.

Launching an economic world dressed with 4 free choices for your money target :

If you like consumption for live : spend your money
If you like increase safety : save your money
If you like production factors challenge  : do invest your money
If you like capital gains by IoT : shift the asset of your money

Yes because you may use Internet to create digital objects. Computing timestamping on your money parcels and creating "owndated webquantums" in registered property asset. Blockchain or better, #googledepending of course.

Then the border of your money is opens for unlimited results. By the way Google works with the Humanity.


What if your cash was

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First of all and working as an #investment's substitute, it were:
Maintained in cash for ever, #cashkeeping ;
however it were at the same time :
Connected for ever being at your instant-free-disposal, #my cash-is-going-cash ;
And it were registered #blockchain as your creation being at the same time :
An inexhaustible and personal source of added value, #capital gains ;
and then a powerfull #psychological lifter, because :
A personal power to acess at multiplied cash results every 24 hours, 365/365 ; #savings helper
creation giving birth friendly with your-cash-robot-natural-homus ; #give-birth-your-cash-robot
A webcashmatic generator to upgrade from the Classic Economy into Economy 4G3W.

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Why Google is able to jump on to quadrillions business space ?

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Resultado de imagen de quadrillions

The launch of datevaluation practice is giving to folks the opportunity of the creation of digital objects - owndated webquantums - each of them being singular financial digital cells.
So the reason for Google's business upgrade is obvious.
Because each financial cell, have to be searcheable in order to serve needs and wants http://www.periscopic.com/news/exploring-innovation-signatures-in-patent-data 
at the Timestock-Owndated-Market.
People are waiting the G-Financial-Phone for datevaluation and it make quadrillions :


What is the most promising pregnant cow ?

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Apple's cow

In tech products for folks, I mean. 

Apple's ones, or Google's ones ?
Well Google's cow babies contain folks practicality. So, Alphabet Inc. may be more appropriate to launch a one-click-option for folks cash needs. Yes to resolve human needs and wants.

Near by human nature.

And long life for your own cashmatic cow
Thinking about and datevaluation for Economy 4G3W:


Why Silicon's big heads dont find infinite production ?

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Because an infinite production is not a smart target for researches.
And there is an economic credo that let's go the classic teorema ..."for more production, injecte more investment"... .

How would be a Google's Finantial Phone for cash-sharing-cash practices ?
(Lo que es para Google, darle a la gente la capacidad de la valoración de la fecha en practiques numeriques ?


Who as to make the upgrade of the Classic Economy ?

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Donald Trump & Google. Yes, Alphabet-Google & USAdmnistration-President DTrump .
Because datevaluation is the biggest potential for folks extration of infinit wealth.
And Trump^Google can enlarge the Classic Economy by giving to the people the opportunity of the money datevaluation as the investment's substitute able to produce webcashmatic results for each person.

So the question is :
May the President Trump give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings ?



Is Google more essencial than the FED ?

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...in order to launch the investment's Webcashsubsistute , it means to launch the new upgrade to solve the Classic Economy ?

Yes, both Google ^ Alphabet and Fed ^ USAdmistration, yes both are Essentials.
That's why both megamajors and megapresidents have to agree 5/5.


One financial web for folks Cash Results

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Yes as proposed for Alphabet's guidance under protocol with USAdmnistration.

As it's wuw's embrion WUWcash.org

Google is able to launch the money datevaluation practice for folks' uses on unlimited WebSea. For unlimited cash results for folks wellbeing. For you .


What are the strongest points of datevaluation ?

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What are the strongest points of datevaluation ?

It is a :

Cashkeeping economic practice allowing instant “cashcall” returning your “cashput” creation by androïdapp ;

It is a :

Webcashfishing economic practice allowing capital gains by webmatic counters for timestock market;

It is a :

Savings makeup economic pratice allowing potencial for multiplied cash results applied each 12:00 ;

It is a :


Hi Mountain View Lat37.42 Lon-122.06

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Hi Mountain View Lat37.42 Lon-122.06, #datevaluation, #revelation4G3W, understanding economic upgrade, Economy 4G3W 

Resultado de imagen de mountain view quadrillions space
Please understand addition of datevaluation as the fourth economic gesture.



Which advantages do you get with datevaluation in front of investment ?

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Datevaluation is a cashkeeping practice / Investment is a cash away practice

Datevaluation is a risk free practice / Investment is a risk contained practice

Datevaluation is a practice for folks / Investment is a practice for experts

Datevaluation is a reversible practice / Investment is a one way practice

Datevaluation contains savings and production factors / Investment seek savings for production factors

Datevaluation is impulsed by webcashmatic dynamic / Investment does require surveillance costs

Datevaluation generates timestock organized value /  Investment is time opportunity not organized value

And may be you find some of others infinite advantages. Think about the matter and join our team.


Why datevaluation economic practice have to become a succes

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Because datevaluation practice is the proposed investment's substitute for the creation of added value with cash your money resources, canned in your creations of digital savings.
Yes because when you make a datevaluation you have to create units of personalized_webliving_savings running the web and always in cash phase (cashkeeping function). It means that you can "cashcall" at any moment and for free.

Now, when you choose to make datevaluation you feel 3 main advantages :

1. The process is in "cash keeping" mode ;
2. The process is in "refusing risks" mode ;
3. The process is in "web_dynamics" mode.


What if people prefer digital financial objects in front of money ?

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It was the arrival of Economy 4G3W thanks to the adoption of datevaluation money.

Because the currency created by the transmitters institutes is rapidly used for the creation of "owndated webquantums" units of "personalized-webliving-savings". In reason of preferences.
That's why Google's structure is so important for support and follow these digital financial objects which promote folks wealth extraction from web dinamics and application of own time in value. Coming on T.O.M., the Timestock Owndated Market.

Quadrillion US dollars business is offered, as an opportunity for pioneers able to motivate US Admnistration and protocol the launch of the money datevaluation practice.

Giving to folks a personal motor-for-savings for self creation of financial value, by time keeping and fixing starting value. People making webcashmatic plusvalues in all independance of any Brexit.


Time impulse for your savings

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What about the value of your savings account with an amount of 10'000 $US constitued at the date of 2015 december 14 and the value of my savings account with an amount of 10'000 $US constitued at the date of 2016 may 27 ?
No there is not a difference of value. Even when 166 days is the duration between that two dates. 
Conclusion : the savings effort has no reward.

And, the continuous practice of this fault on the classic finantial treatment of savings, introduces a limite into the Classic Economy.

That's why Google-depending-things, Gdt in IoT, (Quadrillion Business Project) is thinking about the introduction of the corrective datevaluation practice, by giving folks a free-one-click-for-savings.


How to resolve what Obama would like to achieve ?

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First of all have a look at U.S. National Debt :

OCC official seal
And at OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency :

To resolve we  are asking President Obama to invite FED/US Admnistration and Google for an agreement in order to launch a new economic practice, the money datevaluation practice which folks understand as a Gool-Bama-Cash practice to better perform  the ending Classic Economy. Going to Economy 4G3W.

Then suppose your economic life with an investment's substitute to make added value without risk. Because you, me and the others with our personalized-webliving-savings, folks linking money-to-money for much-more-money and the think is resolved as asked by Obama. Do you know better choice ? If yes, please informe.



An investment substitute, what for ?

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for what ?

To make homogeneity Classical Economics and enable the updating of the economic activity in the internet space and more specifically in the area of IoT.

Introducing recherches around projects like "Gbrain-bio-internet" serving very enlarged numbers on the idea "How big is big" at the Era of the Economy 4G3W.

The proposed practice of the money datevaluation as the first substitute of the investment is not arrived without new concepts and creations. The challenge was for the implementation of added value over each cash money parcel just by internet dynamics impulses.

 Going into Economy 4G3W


Make amazing your economic performance happen now

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By sharing cash prodution-taking cash results of yours personalized-webliving-savings in dynamic cashkeeping phase. Riskless 100%. Free 5/5. In IoT 24/24, 365/365.

 Datevaluation action

Your economic performance goes up, and immediatly happen  when you create Owdated Webquantums digital objects by datevaluation practice : it supose the use of your Peransonal-Webcashmotor, a Googledepending Androïd app allowing to moove from Classic Economy into Economy 4G3W (the web-impulsed-economy).
The amazing webcashmatic results are produced for you with capital gains by accounted timestock.


How is your cash_matic cow

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Your webcashmatic cow is presented as a web game to introduce datevaluation economic practice as an investment substitute which enables an infinite and virgin space for wealth creation under cashkeeping_mode. Cash_matic cow pretends to be a game proposed for smart heads thinking about big constructions. Exciting a Google/US Admnistration deal allowing a one-click-motor-for-savings as an economic app-for-folks-free-use. An alternative presentation for linking-money-to-money giving folks much-more-money with the opportunity of personalized-live-savings constitution.  Your cashmatic cow


Getting option for datevaluation practice

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https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jDiFhJbQd8HeCgaa5MWMlJPs3I6e5BLYr5lZ9HUDDH8/edit?usp=sharingGetting option for datevaluation practice


Your personal webcashmotor solves your freecashmatic taxes

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Yes. For wellness.

It is a natural condition on webcashmatic results application at the T.O.M. The Timestock Owndated Market every day at 12 o'clock New York local time.



What is the reason why the webcashmatic results, are most important than google search results ?

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Yes, because webcashmatic results, are all about getting cash from cash, for all your needs and wants. Immediatly , automaticaly and by free-web-motor.

 Webcashmatic results

Comparatively, Google Search results, are all about knowledge, then also for your needs and wants. After on, yes. Then you have to apply.

The reason for the greater importance, has the origin on the personal economic performance implemented by the web-dynamics cash results whose substance, Google is not resolving for folks favor results. It would be nearest if Google Search made web-knowledge-matic.